Quarter Life Counseling

In the research, “Emerging Adulthood” is widely recognized as the developmental life stage following adolescence. It includes challenges like discovering identity, financial development, navigating relationships, sex and dating, evolving friendships and family relationships, and securing a professional path.

This stage of life is exciting and fun and also filled with the tasks of adulting - those everyday tasks and responsibilities that keep us on track in the “real world.” Balancing all of this may feel overwhelming, which is why including mental health checkups as a part of your self care routine will keep you on a path of embracing the fun while staying balanced internally.

  • Quarter Life Challenges and Opportunities:

    • Mental Health: Anxiety, Depression, Overwhelm, Loss/Grief, Confusion, Identity

    • Career Exploration and Development

    • Financial Strain, Development, and Success

    • Substance Exploration, Abuse, and Recovery

    • Disordered Eating and Body Image

    • Technology Use and Balance