Intraconnections Counseling

Know who you are. Like who you are. Be who you are.


Welcome to Intraconnections Counseling, a therapeutic practice specializing in the support of young adults as they explore and develop their identities, passions, and purpose. Consistent mental health care is crucial for your ongoing wellbeing. Don’t wait for a crisis to get support. Whether we meet weekly, monthly, or quarterly, mental health checkups are an important part of your regular self care routine.

Continue reading to discover how you can create your best life by Going Within.

Going Within and Flying Free

Connecting with self is a common topic these days, but what does it mean and how do we do it?

The journey toward Intraconnection begins by Going Within. You will open yourself to your inner world using Self-Awareness, Courage and Vulnerability. Your hard work pays off as you experience Flying Free by way of Empowerment, Authenticity and Self-Acceptance.

Going Within and Flying Free.png