You know you have put in effort Going Within when you reach the final step of Intraconnetion.

If you have struggled for years with depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, etc., you may feel it is difficult to like yourself at times. Painful symptoms can often lead us to further avoid and disconnect from ourselves. Our mind and body turn to autopilot and we become reactive rather than active participants in the world.

The process of Going Within allows you to counteract this disconnection with self. You begin facing your true thoughts, feelings and memories despite the pain that may come along with it. Overtime, you begin to feel empowered and more in tune with your authentic self. Once you get here, self-acceptance becomes truly possible!! There is nothing more rewarding than liking and accepting your true self. It brings about feelings of joy, worthiness, belonging, motivation, and openness to focus

Knowing who you are opens up the capacity to liking who you are.

Know who you are. Like who you are. Be who you are.